Lisbon its localized near one of the most important areas for birds in Portugal and in Europe, the Tagus River estuary. It has a vast coastal front where dozens of sea and coastal species can be found during their migrations.

On the other hand, the city’s gardens, ancestral monarchy spaces, hold dozens of passerines’ species, including some exotic ones later introduced.

Tagus Estuary Natural Reserve > Between salt fields, mudflats and agriculture

During a morning or an entire day tour we can observe the diversity of birds and habitats that make this area the most important winter zone for birds in Portugal and one of the most important ones in Europe.

Lisbon’s Maritime Coast > Lisbon to Cascais by the sea

Departing from the point where the Tagus meets the sea, in a tour through Lisbon’s Southwest coast until Cascais’ coast, besides the magnificent landscape where you can be surprised by the diversity of maritime and coastal bird species watched from strategic points.

Tagus River North Bank > From Trancão to Alverca

Lisbon’s most important entrance door, Tagus River North coast. From Trancão river’s mouth, to Alverca, through Póvoa’s walkway we can watch dozens of limícolas birds’ species, waterfowls and passeriformes. The landscape and the closeness to nature and the region’s fishing arts are the frame for an unforgettable morning.

Garden’s Lisbon > Birds trees and history

In Lisbon’s most fantastic historical gardens a surprising diversity of birds and plants is concealed. From the most common black-bird to the exotic Rose-ringed Parakeet, from the Canary Islands dragon tree to the Ombú tree.

Jamor > ludical-sporty Park

A forest area by Jamor river’s mouth in the Oeiras municipality which has a ludical and sporty use but withholds an impressive variety of birds and an amazing view over Tagus river’s mouth.

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