Lisbon Gardens and river shore

Birds, plants and history.

A surprising diversity of birds and plants is concealed in Lisbon’s most interesting gardens. From the very common black-bird to the exotic Rose-ringed Parakeet and from the Canary Islands Dragon Tree to the Ombu Tree.


Further info about our tour

In some of the beautiful and ancient gardens of Lisbon we can watch a wide variety of bird species, especially passerines such as Blackbird, Spotless Starling, at lest three different Tits, Tirecrest, Wren, several Warblers, Robin, Jay and a selection of finches namely Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Chaffinch, Serin and Siskin.

We can also watch some exotic species, escaped from captivity, that are breeding freely and established at the city’s gardens – Rose-ringed Parakeet, the Blue-crowed Parakeet, Senegal Parrot, Crested Myna and Waxbill.

Further to the birds’ diversity, we can enjoy the beautiful  garden areas, in romantic style and with centuries of History, of whimsical kings and queens that loved their walks in the gardens.

The tree species present are also very interesting for their seniority, size and origins, often representing the Portuguese journey through the world.

Our tour to Lisbon’s gardens can last half a day (visiting the Parque Expo / Jardim Garcia de Horta and Parque das Conchas) or a full day (adding the Jardim Colonial and Belém).


StartFinishTotal Time
Half day tours 8 a.m.1 p.m.5 hours
Full day tours 8 a.m. 5 p.m. 9 hours

Meeting point:  Oriente Railway Station or your Hotel

Ending point: Lisbon Centre or Your Hotel

Services included: Binoculars, telescope, birdwatching guide, insurance (personal accidents and civil liability).

Not included: Transportation before and after the activity, lunch and any product purchased during the visit.

Price per person*:

Number of peopleHalf dayFull day
1 100€ 150€
2 60€ 90€
3 50€ 80€
4 45€ 70€
5 40€ 60€
6 35€ 55€
7 32€ 50€
8 30€ 45€

*VAT included. Free for children under 10.

Important notes:

> Wear comfortable shoes and clothing during the walking tour.

> This activity is not accessible for disabled people/people with special needs. (Please make a special request and we will try to accommodate your needs)

> Tour difficulty: Low.

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