In Portuguese “culture” has a double meaning, being either a set of customs, institutions and constructions that constitute inheritance of our community or the action of cultivating, in the agricultural and ancestral sense of cultivating and growing.

Because of that we look for ways of sharing between those who have done and those that are want to discover.

Lisbon Tiles

Campo de Ourique > Between tradition and modernity

A residential and cosmopolitan neighbourhood with a very special atmosphere. Despite its ancient initial core, it went under a great development in the early 20th Century. Its tiles reflect that change over time.

Estrela, Lapa and Madragoa > Among nobles and fishmongers

Between mansions and chalets built by the bourgeoisie and alleys with modest houses of seafarers and fishmongers. Only Lisbon could have such a mixture side by side.

Alcântara, Ajuda and Belém > Lisbon of the Discoveries, the Empire and Overseas.

Two different eras featuring different protagonists. A more remote past and a more recent past. The stories of the places and protagonists also told by the facades’ tiles.

Lisbon’s Cemeteries

Statuary, architecture, decorative arts and symbology allow us to frame – and evoke – not only the historical personalities and public figures buried there (politicians, intellectuals, artists, industrials, scientists) but also the seemingly common men who intended to “eternalize” their names and those of their families, leaving a deep mark regarding their professional occupations, origins and beliefs.

Prazeres Cemetery > The oldest cemetery of Lisbon

Contemplating History, contemplating life through the death is our motto for this visit to Prazeres Cemeteryl

English Cemetery > Estrela Garden Area

A densely wooded space, where the atmosphere and the Romantic aesthetic are very present as well as the memories of expatriates and Anglo-Portuguese families.

German Cemetery > Campo de Ourique

It is essentially a cemetery for German expatriates, a small garden in the heart of the city that holds many memories.

Thematic Routes

Routes of 4 to 6 days inland to discover stories of our history, framed by a great diversity of landscapes and places, outside the usual tourist circuits.

Sephardic Route >Jewish Legacy in Portugal

Discovering the presence of Jewish culture in Portugal. A journey into forgotten places evoking a relevant community in the history of Portugal.

* SOON * Templar Route > The Order’s Temple Lands and Castles

The heritage of the Templar remained in Portugal beyond its formal extinction through the creation of the Order of Christ. This is a route discovering this heritage in its vast territory.

* SOON * Megalithic Route > Tapirs, Menhirs and Cromlechs

Mysterious marks in the Alentejo landscapes. Disponible soon

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