Photographing waterfowl at water level

With Hydrohide waterfowl photography takes on another dimension.

Further info about our Hidro-Hide

With Hydrohide waterfowl photography takes on another dimension. The hydro-hide allows you to approach the birds in the water and lets you shoot at their level creating unique photographs.

Useful for water birds such as ducks, geese, divers and other waterfowl. It can also be used to photograph other birds when they came to drink in ponds and small reservoirs.

Hydrohide is a floating structure where the photographer places himself It has a tripod head to safely place the camera and watertight bags to store your equipment and/or a small meal.

Two modes of use:

Simple rental – 40€ /day

Rental with man suport – 80€ + travel expenses

Includes: The hydro-hide is rented with neoprene fishing-waders to chest level, size L (42/43), and a XL Lycra pullover.

Important notes:

> The equipment is designed to minimize risks with photographic equipment, however Vanellus is not responsible for any damage caused by its misuse.

> Do not swim or stand on top of the the hydro-hide. The hydro-Hyde is not prepared to support a person’s weight.

> Never exceed belly level to avoid running out of foot or getting water into the waders if you face a sudden depth increase. 

> With the boot-pants We should not crawl with the fishing-waders to prevent water from from getting inside it.

> Degree of difficulty: Medium to high. It needs some physical preparation, tolerance to cold and humidity, as well as dexterity to deal with any obstacles that may came across at the bottom.

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A look from de Hydrohide

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