Environmental Education Activity for Birdwatching Initiation.

We believe that it is from an early age that one awakes to ecological awareness and nature conservation.

How? In the way they better understand and accept, playing.

Watching birds and other fauna always brings up interest to the children, from the most attentive to the most “difficult”. The search and discovery of birds awakens in us the spirit of hunting to which we all have a connection. Contact with nature and freedom, frees the true children from the present mind set, too framed and digitized. Team games awaken their sense of competition, which is inherent in their age, but forces them to work as a team and to consider the group rather than the individual.

Our birdwatching activities for kid’s aged 5 to11 years old feature all these ingredients, adding a lot of fun. That’s why we believe they are excellent wake-up activities for biodiversity, with birds as a gateway.

The activity “Discovering Birds in Jamor” in 2019 was an initiative requested by the Oeiras City Council and offered to the schools of the Municipality as part of its Educational and Environmental Education offer.

This activity is characterized by an initial “breefing” where the rules for walking in the field and observing biodiversity are presented, the materials used to observe birds (binoculars, telescope, field guide) followed by a walk through the park of Jamor where they go. observing some birds, sometimes only with the naked eye, sometimes telescope.

The activity includes the simulation of a point count (a technique used by ornithologists in their fieldwork), that forces them to be silent and listen to the sounds of nature and especially birds, and a game of bird discovery using a small Bird Guide.

This game awakens the sense of search and attention, paying attention to the details of the birds in order to identify them, and promotes group work and the enjoyment of freedom in nature. At the end of the game they are required to make an effort when describing the characteristics of a particular bird.

The activity often ends in classroom work with teachers where students are encouraged to draw the bird they most enjoyed seeing in the morning.

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