Few bird species will have so many common names in Portuguese as Lapwings (Vanellus vanellus), have! Abibe, abecoinha, becoinha, ave-fria, donzela-verde, galispo, pavoncinho are some of them. In fact maybe only Great tits can compete Lapwings on the variety of regional names.

Lapwings arrive in Portugal during autumn; as people says they bring the cold and that is why they are known in Portruguese by ave-fria – the cold bird. But in the bright winter days, under the clear atmosphere, the blue and green of their beautiful plumage shines! They are common birds in the southern open fiels, but they occur also in the north, especially in coastal wetlands. Within the limits of country there is also have a small, and irregular, breeding population.

Recoveries of ringed birds show that they arrive from many places in Europe, namely UK and Scandinavia, France, Netherlands and Central Europe… Conspicuous and gregarious, Lapwings are nice birds that arrive from many places and share the open fields whit Golden Plovers, Starlings and Larks. As we also like to share knowledge and heritage with many people coming from many areas we choosed the name Lapwing (Vanellus) for our company and our symbol.

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