Have you ever imagined Portugal without tiles? That would be a impossibility!

We didn’t invent them, but nobody uses them like us.

They tell stories, sacred in churches, with biblical themes or steps in the lives of saints, profane in palaces with scenes of hunting and gallantry. They cover facades, accompany staircases, frame windows, number and name streets and they also advertise.

Isolated or framed, in wood or wrought iron, they appear in the corridors and rooms displaying proverbs or sentences, “welcome those who come for good”…

Its presence is quite old and there is no lack of Moorish examples. In fact even the name “azulejo” we inherited from the Arabs. Manufactures and factories spread over many places in Portugal, from north to south, and have been working since the 18th century, with the Portuguese tile tradition also reaching Brazil.

This strong presence in urban landscapes and monuments, and all the cultural and imaginary ballast associated with tiles did not leave sculptureartists indifferent, especially from the generations of Portuguese modernism; Maria Keil, Júlio Pomar, Almada Negreiros and Gargaleiro, are just some of the artists who also left their art printed on tiles.

At Vanellus we make several approaches to Lisbon tiles. If you like the theme we can tell you several stories. Come with us …

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